Meet Dr. Brock

My senior year thesis film at Sheridan College.
Directed by: Vanessa Tam

Sound Design by: John Diemer


  1. Wow, thanks for adding me on deviantart and blogger, your work is BEAUTIFUL! This animation blew me away - I love your sense of perspective and composition! Great layouts! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. Thanks for following me! I love your animation! The colors and background and layouts are SUPER cute <3 I really like the concept of your animation and the character is so cute and so well animated. I friggin suck at animation so I don't.. upload any of my animations XD Yours is just so CUTE! :D

  3. Hey! Your short just got featured on Spain's main Art and Animation blog (http://www.arteyanimacion.es/)! Felicidades! Good job ;)

    - Dei.